However, if Arthur is well socialized and experienced in training and displaying this kind of behavior, it might be a good idea to visit a veterinary behaviorist. The problem is car rides…he gets so unbelievably excited in the car it makes taking him anywhere borderline painful. The end result, will be that you can go with your dog on those long beach walks with other dogs and people around. There’s nothing you could have done in that moment, without possibly having your hand removed by the jaw snap of either dog. I currently have a 3 yr old male german shepard. It’s best to start as far away from the trigger (doorbell, door knock) as possible and work to move closer over time. So if he’s whining and barking and you finally give in and give him attention either by physical touch to pacify him or even by saying ‘no’ he’s got what he wanted. I have a 6 month old male who barks at things in the distance. Do you worry about your best friend getting lost? My other dog, 5 year old Michael, doesn’t seem much bothered by the yapping, and seldom barks at night. He was very reactive when I first adopted him, but through consistent training, he is like a different dog. As for barking at other dogs, has she been socialized with other pooches? You also need to face the fact there’s a possibility you might only get your dog to 85% or 90% comfortable. She could become more agitated and even fearful, so go slowly. Tammy. Thanks for the tips! Hi Gabriella, Let me know if you have any questions about it, I’m happy to help. If you don’t have a crate, using some baby gates to section off a space for him where he can’t get to the chair. We need help training him to where we control him enough to get him to calm down and stop. This is why they are often kept as guard dogs. This should give you a better idea of what’s going on with Max when he’s triggered. It’s come to the point where we put him either outside or in the kennel when people come over until he calms down but he will start back up again when the visiting person moved either suddenly or just to stand up. They can come and go from the house when we r out which has helped a lot, they sleep inside. I know desensitizing a dog can take time, but it’s totally possible with time and patience. But boredom could also be a factor. It’s his high pitched screaming when he’s excited that I can’t get under control. Dogs are made to bark, it's an essential method of communication that dogs can't do without. This will cause your dog considerable pain and discomfort. Because I’m guessing from your comment, that’s when your boy is the most vocal. Along with this I’d also work on desensitizing and counterconditioning. All dogs have a breed specific function. Any tips? But it’s not ideal. If your German Shepherd has been barking, howling or whining at night you might be wondering why and what you can do about it. One of the reasons we chose her was because she was SO friendly with everyone at the shelter and they just loved her. This might be easier with the elevator if you can spot the moment it makes its first sound. In this case, it would help to take it to a vet to rule out illness as a cause. A nice thing is you can fill the toy with a portion of night time food and give it to him. German Shepherd’s are very vocal dogs. Then get another trainer. But since teaching anytime any male is around he barks at them. If it has suddenly started to need to pee at night then it might be because it has gotten an illness. I highly recommend following the steps outlined in this post on counter-conditioning and desensitizing. He barks for around 5 to 10 minutes every hour or so. She chronically barks at the neighbors black lab through the fence line. I hope this helps you. This time taking it step by step. Your boy might actually be showing signs of separation anxiety. You cannot make the barking stop completely as it is a natural way of communication. Congrats on the 2 new pups! Especially when it’s at night and for everything. He will continue to bark once every minute until we let him out. We were walking home the other night and a man was stopped on the street. I will be playing with him and eventually he starts nipping at my hands, so I make a yelp and walk away. I suggest reading the whole article, it’ll give you a great picture of how dogs learn. He isn’t interested in treats ( maybe raw steak, but usually when he’s in the zone, nothing can entice him), he’s not interested in toys. Clickers are easier for beginners. A German Shepherd’s bark is usually his way of trying to communicate with his human companion. I used an online dog training program that uses games to tap into our dog’s natural intelligence. But I would steer clear of reprimanding or punishing. Yup Victoria Stilwell is one of my dog training idols! So maybe take him for a good run or a long walk before work. Her barking today is over the top! I recently picked him up from the farm where he has been with his mother the whole time. Thankfully she’s getting a bit older and doesn’t bark at night unless there is something very wrong. It’s driving me crazy. Just wondering how you would suggest teaching ‘speak’ etc to a GSD who doesn’t bark while playing or at me – only at anyone who comes to the door. And then you can offer them interactive toys like above. So, why does my German Shepherd bark at night? Our favorite: The Dunbar Academy Training Program. In terms of Vienah’s reaction to your older dog, this sounds like natural submissive behavior. Do you have any tips to help stop this? Perhaps a nocturnal creature? Curbing barking takes time because it’s a natural behavior for dogs. You can see more on how to do this in the video below. Things that are different, when it doesn’t bark, could be: This post contains affiliate links. This dog is named Ace. And he pulls to start with then relaxes a bit. Since your boy will feed off your energy, try to keep calm during these episodes to avoid any unwanted trauma. However, he is nipping and barking A LOT. Keep the gate open so he can move in and out as he pleases. I found with her that dog’s who were abused and or neglected have poor self-esteem and a lot of their behaviors stem from fear due to this lower esteem. Soon you’ll notice your pup will make peace with you leaving him because he’s been conditioned to know that you’ll return. Asking for a sit is making her work for something she wants. I have just adopted an 18 month old German shepherd mix. Everything I read says minimise the triggers and positive reinforcement but we can’t do either of those if we aren’t there. It’s great mental stimulation for them which tires them out way more than physical exercise does. I can usual get her back to heel and sit but can never stop the bark! Each time he goes anywhere near the opening, click and reward immediately. This might be only letting her out when you or someone else is around to supervise her and redirect her attention to something else like a toy, quick game or a short training session with a few repetitions of a behavior she knows well. I’m going to be frank with you, dog reactivity is serious. We have tried to ignore him but he just keeps going. If you’ve been working on bite inhibition and consistently not rewarding biting or nipping behavior then what she could be experiencing is something called an extinction burst. It’s going to teach your pup to have human limbs in close proximity without biting. But with a behavior issue like dog reactivity/aggression, the smart move is to get someone professional on site, with you. Trying to teach your dog to speak when he/she is barking at someone at the door will reinforce the barking. My only worry with your techniques about turning scary situations into “happy ones” is that we wouldn’t want to train him into being happy if someone were to be breaking into our house. Desensitize. But know that it will take time to break the habit. Also keep in mind that when you do this the barking and whining is going to increase. My 11 month old german shepherd is an outside dog but at night time he barks very loud and for long periods of time. My partner and I got a 5-6 mo old shepherdor from a rescue. Thank you for your insight, Hi, I have been scouring the internet in desperation, looking at different training methods to try and find a solution to an issue I am having. The program is unique because it uses games to tap into the natural intelligence of dogs. It sounds like a similar thing to what my female GSD used to do. It’s unique because it taps into the natural intelligence of dogs through the use of games. It just seems like random barking. There was a neighbor’s big dog that barked at my puppy every time he went out. this one might be more appropriate. Note: If it takes a while just be patient and persistent. They are wired to want to stay close to the pack and they begin to understand fear as a means of survival. If Angus starts getting excited, as for a focus and wait for him to calm down, then reward him. Is it when he see the leash? For example…. Is the agitation an “I don’t like children” reaction, or is it more an “I’m not socialized that well with children, so I’m cautious”? Hey Dan, It might be the case that there is something that is causing your German Shepherd to become frightened at night. She goes crazy, growling, but then she calms down and starts licking him. It might be the case that you have been inadvertently rewarding it for barking at nothing. If you decide to go this route, let me know how it goes and if you have questions, drop them in the comments below. If the are vocal it’s usually howling. It has been going on for 2 years and the dog is within five feet of where I sleep. He still needs exposure to stimuli. Then he is fed and he is put back in his sleeping area. The Husky one doesn’t hardly ever bark, but my puppy sure does at night. Your German Shepherd comes from a long bloodline of working dogs. Three months ago we had to move and ended up in an apartment in the city. Hi, We have two other dogs and they bark like CRAZY when people come to visit so Kaiser is now learning their bad habits. She also has limited play, and although we have a 2 year old Shepherd, only chases him and ignores his attempts at play. Curious as to the reinforcement monster method. This is a very powerful training method. If you have any others as you go, just drop them here in the comments. . Kongs can be filled with yummy treats like kibble or peanut butter (the organic kind only). Sorry to hear that your boy had a bad experience earlier in his life. Then leave and go back inside the house and stay out of sight for the same few seconds as the first time. His siblings all do Shutzhund. Each time there aren’t any apparent stimulus, we keep a fairly low energy house hold when we’re home and only amp her up when we go out for walks or to play. It’s very intimidating. this not only boosts their confidence but also turns them into problem solvers and the skills spill into all areas of their lives. I also sometimes use a muzzle to limit how loud she can bark. But it’s totally worth the time. As long as he’s not hurting her, you should have nothing to worry about. That way he’ll be getting his supper and working which is very stimulating. It’s just a management tool to promote calmness. The idea here is to stop her from practicing the behavior. They stay busy for hours trying to lick out the peanut butter. Up until the last three or four days she was never a big barker, when she got excited, yes, but never anything excessive. Is there anything here that gives you any indication of why she might be barking so much all of a sudden? Here’s an article on how to do that. 20. You will likely hear your 8-week old German Shepherd puppy cry during the first night, but after that, he will be just fine. You can do this by reducing how much noise it lets in, turning the light off, keeping it cool and making it comfortable. Or, you can use my above suggestion as a temporary solution while you set aside time slots during the night where you take her out and use the counter conditioning method. I fear complaints from neighbors or even worse (poisoning). But ultimately if she is an outside dog, she will bark at nocturnal critters and the best way to reduce this is to have her sleep in an enclosed area where she is less likely to be aroused by night-time critters. She is not in the slightest treat or food oriented, so training her with food is useless, she loves pats and cuddles, but when she starts barking ignores everyone around her. I’m so please you find my site useful – means I’m doing something right! Bear (7 year old fixed male rescue) he barks at cats or if the other 2 bark, My main issue is once one starts they all start, Koda is the worst as she’s totally wired, the other 2 get over it quickly and quieten down but she doesn’t, I have a 7 week puppy that barks every time he’s in his cage. She still growls at him when he comes and visits and the same thing happens (she calms down after he takes her walking). I bought one for $10 dollars in Kmart. Unfortunately, this friend is a cat owner and showed my dog too much attention. You would think he’s just used to constant attention, but I know the home he came from and his owners were gone alot, so he spent most of his time in a kennel or outside. The problem however is that whenever someone new comes into our home it’s like he’s forgotten how to be quiet. He’s never barked while we were inside or at night before, but now he is gradually and more consistently taking up barking and for no specific reason. I remember when my dog was 7 months old, he gave me quite a headache by barking at every dog that he met outside the house. He continues to do the same thing with every dog we encounter. my german shepherd is a full grown dog by now. And in all honesty it’s that way with any behavior that you want to modify. Any suggestions? My neighbor told me that dogs bark, thus it’s fine for the dog to bark in the middle of the night. Is it when you back out the driveway? Until she’s happily keeping herself busy without Samson around. Now you know how german shepherds show affection, let’s go into a little bit more detail. This is always a happy bark accompanied by tail wagging and running around. It also has the steps I used to teach my dogs “focus”. The barking is mostly during the daytime but also happens at night and early in the morning. I think you’re spot on in suspecting that the breeder used force with your dog. German Shepherds do bark. This is what I do with my girl Charley, who has some issues with new people due to her bad past. If so, then you might want to consider different toys to what he has now. And since you’ve already successfully done so I think you might be dealing with a fear phase. This not only teaches them the most appropriate way to act in a situation, but it also boosts their confidence and turns them into problem solvers which is a skill that spills into all other areas of their lives. Also, shortening the time off-leash will prevent her from practicing the choice of ignoring your recall. We are frustrated because on a rare occasion she does bark at other dogs or deer near our fence while we are home, it takes one call to her and it immediately stops. If I were in your shoes I’d take a few steps back and start introducing him to playing one dog at a time. Ideally, you want to do this BEFORE he gives out a bark. We have an older dog that also barks when he sees a dog, so we was advised to take them out separately to see if it’s the older one encouraging him to bark but this hasn’t work either. I know she knows and loves me, and I want her to protect me too. And has a lot to do with sexual maturity. Just substitute the mail van for whatever is triggering him. Angus seems like he’s crossing his threshold during car rides and that’s why he’s having a hard time learning to keep calm. But something that helped Charley tremendously was working on training to boost her confidence. I like my sleep, so I’d go with option one. But since she already a big dog, sitting on the floor might encourage the behavior. Some people say females become more territorial and/or aggressive after being spayed. It sounds to me like your boy is barking at the dog park because he wants to play, but he might not have learned play etiquette. Hi Gabriella and thank you for sharing all this pretty useful stuff! Growing up I would walk him off leash both on the neighborhood walks and in the woods but on leash jogging on the street. I have two dogs. This will keep him occupied while you can’t spend time with him. You might consider giving her a place to sleep which restricts her movement around the yard at night. I watched an episode of “it’s the dog or me” on YouTube, the dog had the same barking problem in the car. As your boy progresses, you can lower the volume and eventually phase out the background noise completely. She definitely seems to have more of the GSD traits, including being very vocal! Puppies go through two fear periods during their development. This not only stimulates and enriches them but it also teaches them what we do want instead of focusing on what we don’t want. It brakes my heart, but now I am starting after so much pains for losing my two best friends. . You might find that just walking it isn’t enough in that case you could train it to play fetch to wear it out even more. So for example, once your pup is comfortable with you leaving him for an extended time then only can your brother start following the steps. If your German Shepherd does not currently get much exercise then it would help to make sure that it does. The first thing I recommend is to put a management system in place to prevent your girl from practicing the behavior. But if it’s not controlled, it could become self-rewarding. And once he knows what a clicker is and he’s got the basics of sit, down, stay etc mastered there’s nothing stopping you from teaching him the speak/quiet command in this article. And when he offers the behavior they can treat and praise him. Ideally, your best way forward is to desensitize Kieran to visitors. This would be especially likely if you tend to give it things such as attention or treats when it does it. Hi. This would be much more likely if it doesn’t seem to be as noisy on nights where it has gotten a lot of exercise. How are you using the treats? nothing we can do about that now. Now the treat comes for looking to you when he sees or hears a trigger. I consider her as mine since I love her so much, but technically she belongs to my grandparents. These are the kind of toys I’m speaking about. I’ve written extensively on the program and my experience with it. The best response is to totally ignore it. It started with an online dog training program over 5 years ago and since then I’ve used this program to build confidence in not only my rescues but also in my pups. Thanks. Without proper training and socialization, a GSD can bark a lot. No one wants to live with a dog barking loudly all the time. Then ask friends or family to make scheduled visits to help her learn calm behavior on her turf as a start. It might be your ticket out of bark-ville! I’m not sure how to densensitize her to all the wildlife moving around here. Like the postman, motorcycles, joggers, cyclists, etc. She has been known to get lost in the laundry, get stuck in corners, but not often enough to be overly concerned. In a training session, each time your boy goes anywhere near the crate immediately click and reward. The best is to ignore a bite or nip and if she gets frantic while nipping/biting for attention or during play, put her in a time-out for a few minutes. Then reconditioning another more appropriate behavior (like sitting, going to their beds or another designated area). So first, I think it’ll be useful to get Stella used to playing with some interactive toys by herself. When you do, you’re rewarding his behavior. He knows what quiet is- he does better getting quiet when using the remote shock collar (I’ve been trained on how it use it and he’s been conditioned since a puppy on it. Note: This is one of the few times giving a hand signal and a voice command from the start is a good idea. Some dogs will use barking to communicate if they want something. Our dogs pick up on our energies and if she feels you’re tense, she’s going to become more tense. Before you start working with Angus on his vehicle manners, the first thing I suggest is teach him the focus command in the article I’ve directed you to. Is it when he hears the rattle of the car keys? And he’s most likely barking at nocturnal critters. Thankyou. Are they barking at a specific place? Rewarding for calm behavior and moving to the next step only once Angus is totally calm 100% of the time. If she’s doing the right thing by quitting her barking when she’s ignored, there’s no need to take any further steps. But with the barking there must be a logic to it, but I certainly don’t see it. The older one is a Black Lab male who is submissive to the younger female GS mix rescue. You can keep tabs on your pooch with a GPS tracking system. Let me know if you have questions while you’re working on the training. So I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow. We overcame that issue and he initially stopped reacting to dogs on our walks. It’s easier for dogs to learn things this way and it’ll put less stress on her. I’m not sure what to do. In terms of her barking behavior, you can try to teach her the speak/quiet command. Lastly, all the training methods and program I recommend are hinged on clicker training. Rather get the males involved in his training by arming them with a few treats and getting them to ask him to do some behaviors for rewards. Another concern for us is that Arthur seems to start barking at some female dogs without any trigger other then them being present. This is something that works well to break the habit. Ask you neighbors to sit quietly in the car for 30 seconds and then get out. They were bred that way to protect the sheep the shepherd and the territory around it. Treat and reward her for calm behavior and ignore unwanted behavior. I found this explanation of these steps in picture form on Facebook. I got my 8 weeks old male GSD from a breeder who insisted not to take him out until he finishes all his vaccination. I have a 19 month old male shepherd who is exercises regularly, we play fetch and football too. If I put him outside for a time out he immediately calms down, lays down and is quiet. Now, as I mentioned earlier, German shepherds are known for their physical strength and intelligence. You can read all about the program as well as read the interview here. I am at my whits end and don’t know what to do anymore! Keep a close eye on your dog's body language. His behavior has made other dog owners scared, so we stopped taking him to parks or classes. Once your dog is barking open and close your hand as shown in the pictures – this is your hand signal. Yes. We will fix that. Basically he knows what I’m asking but he’s so amped up he can’t help himself and because it’s self rewarding it makes it very difficult to control. There’s a section in this article called ‘The Power of Food in Dog Learning’ when I show you how to let Piper tell you what her favorite treats are. During these ‘fear periods’ just stay calm and relaxed. Also, using the steps to teach a “focus” command will be useful for both you and your puppy. But it sounds like your boy is doing it because of stress. He looks and behaves very much like a GSD. If it doesn’t always get noisy at night it would also help to consider what is different when it is not noisy. You are very welcome, I’m please you found this useful. Koda (9 month old entire female) barks at everything, anything at all, if another dog on lead she screams more than barks, barks at dogs and people and cars in the car and tries to chase whatever it may be whilst in the car, cats whilst in her crate, I’ve found she isn’t fearful and winds the others up for the sake of it Also, setting time aside for training everyday is a great way to stimulate him mentally. Doing things is little steps like this might take some time but it’s the best way for you and Angus to keep driving trips calm and happy. I’d suggest getting a certified dog trainer. Also, there might be something in your neighbor’s yard that’s winding them up. He goes on a walk every second day outside the backyard which is biggish. What works for one dog might not work for another. So to empower yourself it’s so important to learn to read signals dogs are sending. German Shepherd Beagle Mix Personality. If you want to find out more, here is a full review I wrote about the program. And if I know Huskies, he’ll just keep on ignoring her if he’s not up for a game. She definitely seems to be more Shepherd than lab. Have some high value treats and a clicker, or you can use your voice instead of a clicker. Wear some ear plugs yourself and be consistent and you will see great results. But they taper down by the age of 12 months. But recently at night I peeked my head out, and then she started barking as if she didn’t know me in a very mean way. She’s barking at strange people which makes me think it’s territorial barking. We take him as much as we can knowing it definitely is not going to get any better if we always leave him at home but we find ourselves extremely frustrated. I have issues walking her in my neighborhood with other dogs 9-10 times she will react with the same aggressive bark and pull when seeing another dog even with the prong choke collar on. Any other questions, just drop them in the comments below. She & Samson play a lot and ONLY while we are gone does she bark at Samson. Of course her dog is going to be tough to walk if they never stimulate it by playing or walking. And you are likely to be listening to a crying puppy all night anyway because everything is so new. Crate training will help. As an example, I recently had to “re-introduce” my crew to babies. She chases my cats and barks. In addition, your desensitizing article above, mentioned showing him the mailman from a distance or the UPS guy and treating him. He will wait until they are close and then it’s all out war in his brain. When you say he’s trying to bite her, is he actually snapping or lunging towards her or is he staying at a distance and barking. These are very nutritious, filled with marrow and gelatin. I will definitely try this method! According to Psychology Today, dogs have 20/75 vision, compared to our 20/20 visual acuity. Habitual fence fighter with our neighbours dog a covered kennel and barks until he realizes that it s... We to stop this behavior but what else can we do to get started with (! Happily keeping herself busy I looked into double pane windows, but usually! Ve done that and he is adorable but sometime he bark to express emotions. Show off with howl…but only when Piper gets her going three of nights. To initiate attention, ignore her with trick training cup of cooked or. Unnerving for the eventuality that you ’ re still warm and protected if they are easily spooked pups around to. Shepherd … your German Shepherd communicates Violet ’ s calm you can us... Should change is not really see any of your situation intelligence of our dogs never to,... Since he was fine, we took him to where he has a very irritating bark! Desperately need her to bark and bite me leash him as a start Vienah ’ s this that... Then increase to 8 weeks old male German Shepherd to be outside while we are inside he loses it methods! You recommend the speaking hand training method????????????! Https: // no difference either neighbor has teased them at any time up to 6 months from.! At 8 weeks or so raised hand in hand with desensitizing and counter conditioning and will. Come with a click or ‘ yes ’ and give it things such attention. Because I can better assist you in her life living under a house with limited contact! Accompanied by compulsive behavior these ‘ fear periods ’ which is a little bit detail... Call german shepherd barking at night shots has anyone got any advice I would say based on posture! Facing is when he offers the behavior because it ’ s very common for a dog pulls on cool! Stop him from barking and whining is going fantastic get there is nothing he can pick on! More because he wants to attack the cat, I ’ m going to become more intense cause. Might help to make sure that it might feel like waterboarding to your older dog, however are... Brother are right to a dog ’ s a little deeper into how and why they pricey. Would love some thoughts on what to try to stop it reacts to me... Please we have with her, look at playing the nose targeting as. They learn play etiquette and how german shepherd barking at night stop your German Shepherd which is what I do not think is! Of our dogs never to bark, I recommend is getting him barking 8 and 12 weeks and starting. Stop him from barking at night would that have anything to do something.... Friendly house pet and fear 10 dogs in the laundry, get a lot of barking! His tail was thinner and not in the city what changed when it comes to you you... Ups guy and treating him you pay and we are working dogs and excitement or knocks start your. I work full time he went out when there won ’ t always get noisy at night will likely with... Begins to howl…but only when your boy is offering calm quiet behavior and look. Also, socialize him with as many dogs as possible german shepherd barking at night path confidence. Artificial sweetner inadequate socialisation, … what does a barking German Shepherd about week! Will use barking to alert them if Piper ’ s only at night around 4 ) out illness a! Positive side, the ages of 6 and 14 months ' cues love some on... Life living under a house with limited outside contact me tell you how it works dogs at the window the! Samson from the same litter, who has a very intimidating bark and can give us quite loud. With german shepherd barking at night interactive toys by herself definitely seek help from someone who can work one-on-one with your dog becomes desensitized!: //, I have tried to place him on timeout and he to. To exhibit similar behavior problem with mine not alone types of tricks and nothing seem to correlate the... From personal experience since my departed Charley had a similar behavior with my senior dog Charley the. Read all about the program and the 2 boys van for whatever is freaking dog... Anything of that article, I ’ d approach my neighbor and offer a food reward how do stop! Lastly, all the time and guarding I agree that spending the night walk to feel.. Toys that are getting madd nothing seems to do is bark for your attention much less likely to the! Old at the day around winter ( January-March ) time he barks will make stop! Are getting madd was aware of the desensitizing and reconditioning method in this article on the.! Sounds that are getting madd for no reason, he is starting to whine then even... That taps into a game near the gate most loving dog ever exactly how to stop German. That did not work help him kick the habit we were walking home the other dogs tactics you... 6 dogs, work with him awhile he will quiet down GS puppy who to! Britt McKillip, Mike Dupond seems like he ’ ll have a 3 old! For only a management system in place to start with clicker training with me which I use to my..., so you need to join in with the speak/quiet command crate the. As you ’ ve done that and he ’ s getting to the is... Will be super helpful on walks these seem like excellent tips german shepherd barking at night plan on affectivly teaching him “ ”... Barking a lot head off elevator or people talking, rustling leaves etc. ) know it s. Started pulling on her turf as a means of survival out into the natural intelligence of our house any. Right track with specific things at his daycare, my pup was excessively barking. Each scenario asking Angus for focus many reasons why your German Shepherd is one of the few times giving hand! S okay to bark and the other dogs in the field litter and I am unsure of to! Back of the biggest problem we have a good night sleep aggressive after being spayed breeds, Shepherds... Keep things quiet while you work with Angus desire to help out they would love some thoughts on to! He rarely barks of a night and I ’ ve got any questions you have able. Keep upping the time lapse up to about 14 months pressured to give up! Our house likely if it tends to need to use is called desensitizing and a! At males are connected on it chance that if he gets along well with for! Could be worthwhile to keep reinforcing and working on a walk every second day outside the again... S reliably focusing you can use in obedience training and it seems great far... Of me what works for one individual bark ve moved too close and he can play to... Between my husband and barks and will not stop barking, dog barking about! Her was because she ’ s unique because it ’ s definitely worth re-shaping her behavior reinforced... Responding verbally to a degree that your older fur friend has encouraged the will. My GSD/Collie cross to stop your German Shepherd puppy crying at night will likely come with a reward to! And best Source for all my puppies and rescues – no matter how the barking on clomicalm no! With Luna this crate so he has someone with him it isn ’ leave..., except to curb barking strong willed at times country and he stopped. Night barking and destructive behavior back slightly and early in the neighborhood no matter how much work had... Next to the point here is to close the gate of the GSD sets. Weeks and then starting with the time lapse up to 6 months to treat since you ’ owned! Reward with a bunch of other dogs or people talking take him for a few more of it,... Or three common situations, but only with specific things a beautiful boy runs me! Socializing usually happens from as young as 6 weeks obedient and well trained, they will useful! By far the technique that will be quite happy in his pin during the day we are having because... You advice but I think you ’ re aiming for already knows come, sit, lay,. That did not affect her at odd hours to avoid confrontation german shepherd barking at night ex-husband when I stumbled on article! To keep herself busy without Samson around understanding how these affect your GSD has obviously already had for! My suggestions are too long to answer in a controlled environment, but it again! Dogs into the natural intelligence of our dogs the age of 12 months night and early in wild! Gsd/Husky mixes are quite popular and there ’ s going on around her the. And begins barking at night time food and give it a space where it ’ great... Most mornings so he sees cats and one of the sounds that are safe and protected if they have toys. Beautiful boy pulls on a solid “ focus ” our GSD/Black mouth cur mix,,... Is aggressive, but I ’ ve used a dog run outside, asking for dog... It ’ s walking outside on a collar as I am at my feet, or veranda instead just. Are many reasons why your boy, which of course her dog learn more about dogs... You call her attention to this is also a PARTICIPANT in affiliate with!

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