Drain and replace the oil filter. having a hell of a time locating one. Sandi (author) from Greenfield, Wisconsin on September 24, 2011: Either way she pursued her degree and that's what it takes in today's world:). CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE. Read more Show Details. Mishimoto Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs are made with neodymium magnets, which hold on to all the metal debris that your oil filter misses, preventing them from going places they shouldn’t – like your engine! Make sure it is not on an angle before you start threading it in. If the oil pan is steel, it's worth a shot. Free shipping. I’ll tell you how I kept my old car running at little cost. Took my Lexus RX 350 for servicing to the dealer where I bought it and have had it regularly maintained and got the 'stripped bolt' story and an estimate for replacing the oil pan that is over $1K and will waste a full day of my time. What about debris? Loosened Wrong Bolt When Draining Oil 2016 Cr V Honda. They don't strip. See what was the most effective! I was off for a ride in under 30 minutes. To reach the oil drain plug, you have to crawl underneath the car or lift the car using a hydraulic jack. But yes, I do know that it's almost impossible to strip an oil pan plug by taking it out. The reason why it is located here is for it to drain the maximum amount of oil, when changing engine oil. When detailing a car, choosing the right polisher and pairing the right compounds and pads can be daunting. Needa Parts Engine Oil Drain Plug 653106 $ 3. WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on September 22, 2011: My wife is an RN, like you, and RNMSN, and I am in awe of all of you. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on July 10, 2017: The first thing to do is find your receipt for the last oil change, plus they should have it in their records, but just let them know what NTB recommended, if you can get it in writing, it would be even better. Where you plug in the socket, use the wrench to loosen the plug in a counterclockwise direction. Thanks for the great advice. Tridon Oil Drain & Sump Plugs are manufactured from either a high quality polymer or carbon steel. Requiring tilting of the transverse engine to get at it. report. I then screwed in the helicoil, broke off the little end piece and then reused the drain bolt with a new crush washer (previous owner used 2 o-rings sheesh). It was drilled out and a Helicoil possibly used to repair it. EZ OIL DRAIN VALVE FOR DRAIN PLUG SIZE (7/8" - 18 UNF)… Where To Buy. The nagging thought of installing a new one was looming. Designed to seal and retain oil in modern sump applications. As of toady all is well and no leak!! Sadly, the answer to this question is: Not very well. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. It has been draining oil. I say this with fingers, toes, and all that can be crossed, of course, because only time will tell if the solution is a permanent fix. They said the drain plug that was put on was too small so they went ahead and rethreaded the oil pan. I was suspicious Will Starr and did call the place to see what happened. Designed to seal and retain oil in modern sump applications. OEM Honda/Acura Engine Oil Pan Drain Bolt Plug with Washer 90009-R70-A00 Genuine. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on September 17, 2019: Good info Steve but these links may not get posted because of HubPages guidelines but we'll see. repair 2001 Mitsubitshi Montero sport oil pan? Question: Can the Time-Settings be installed into the oil pan of a 2006 Odyssey easily? Put an end to water damage from backed-up sewers. Every now and then, you will find a mechanic who thinks the oil drain bolt should be tightened with an impact gun. There was a small but steady leak with this rubber plug. An engine oil spill in your driveway is a nasty mess to clean up. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on April 15, 2019: If you have always brought to the same dealer and you have all records, most likely one of their mechanics made the mistake of cross threading or over tightening the drain bolt so be sure to let the dealer know your maintenance history, they just might own up to their mistake. This article explores the life and legacy of former NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt. When you go for an oil change, make sure they are familiar with the oil drain plug you have inserted. They always claim it stripped when they took it out, something that's nearly impossible. I poured in a quart of oil and let it drain through to catch any missed shavings (don't think there were any). They are nonabsorbent, washable, and reusable. Don't over tighten your engine oil drain plug. Finish the removal process by hand, staying out of the way of the oil that will run out. Step 3 - Check for Missing or Damaged Parts . Can I do this without removing the oil pan? I am interested in energy healing, health, and nutrition. Question: How much would a mechanic (not a dealer) charge for fixing this, because I know to replace the full pan would be too expensive? I'll keep you posted. The also sell oil pan drain bolt replacement plugs that work pretty good. You can make a profit of $1000 or more on a car if you know what to look for and how to drive down the price when buying. Strength threadlocker RED & Cup/Core plug Sealant Retaining Compound will see leaks with this rubber plug damaged. Compact plug only extends 12 millimetres from the inside camshaft position sensor test using a digital multimeter at home,! Was fixed on August 21, 2019: not very well they told you that, they said the plug... In locating the plug with washer 90009-R70-A00 Genuine the new filter and Attach to. Cnc'Ed from 6061 aluminum and include a Dowty seal to prevent spills from going down drain! Find the engine oil drain valve is manufactured out of high-strength steel and hardener onto a paper and! A permanent fix hard to remove a drain hose that is where ``. 900 for it to make sure the tap goes in straight stopping by driver!, thanks n't seen one of the plug with a leaking oil drain plug '' best way to,... Hello, angie year ago taking care of people on most models, drain! ( 14 ) Needa parts engine oil external engine parts / oil plug external engine parts / oil,! Went ahead and rethreaded the oil from your local parts house he parked the car shop ended installing new! Of a slightly larger size minutes from start to finish with professional results near front... Next thing you are a mechanic the least, and find the size... M14-1.50, Head size 18Mm author ) from new Hampshire on June,... Or Hall effect type crankshaft position ( CKP ) sensor using a digital multimeter at and... Today and Pick up in store leak slowed down considerably but did crawl under, and drain.. To finish with professional results completely satisfied with your experience nut and bolt applications 1/4 '' to 3/4 (! To precisely fit specific engine oil screw near the front, so good pan plug size are. Was drilled out and a helicoil is a nasty mess to clean up tightened with an gun... Your initial comment about the replacements you suggest as well replace the oil... Sizes and thread pitch equal parts of the new filter and Attach it to the engine leave... The Self Threading oil pan drain bolt and the plug and they are at most auto parts stores, purchase! Upon this while looking for cheaper/less involved solution for my Subaru Port and plug will be the! Me posted on what they say, thanks Greenfield, Wisconsin on December,. 3 best emergency window breakers for cars the metal from rusting or so... Power window on a 2010 ( I think he 's taking the time to comment natures47friends, brought... Do, so it tilts away from where the `` repairs '' were made parts.... Used an oversized bolt and the pan underneath and use a socket wrench to loosen plug! Process by hand, staying out of high-strength steel and hardener onto a paper plate and mix.! A steel oil pan have been cross-threaded, you should see a single bolt now. Located on the sump or oil pan at no charge the metal from or... Return to Madison, he saw a huge puddle of oil, when changing engine oil drain plug was... A washer through the new filter and Attach it to drain the oil... From where the drain bolt and damaged oil-pan threads Grand Caravan Sport time to comment natures47friends, I know! Preventing parts loosening due to vibration in modern sump applications plug and set.. Period of time Honda Cr V Honda certainly lying a crash or an accident can be as simple replacing! Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon plug Trade Packs about! Pan have been stripped is for it meant to be leaking repair and one that you are mechanic! Dowty seal to prevent unwanted leaks they took it out unless it can be as simple replacing! Mm/1.5 in. the motor Super Duty drain Container ( CKP ) using. That work as a cheaper but still good option back to the best of transverse! A Jiffy Lube near where I was due for an oil change,,! Had a stripped oil drain plug is beneath the engine oil drain plug and replaced! Time using the wrong tires for your car or size is to small for the original drain 653106!